Vilnius, LT

SBS Group was established in 2007, the company is engaged in the implementation of construction project management software SBS Node. UAB SBS Group – successfully develops and installs software, provides consulting services. Currently, the company is a leader in the development and implementation of construction project management software in the Baltics. In recent years, the company has carried out projects in almost all fields of civil engineering:

Construction companies;
Road construction companies;
Engineering companies;
Project design companies;
General contractor companies;
Public sector companies active in the field of construction: energy, railways, roads, etc.
The company’s construction project management software was selected by the largest, leading companies in their respective segments: JSC “MITNIJA”, JSC “Merko statyba”, JSC “Tilsta”, as well as state-owned enterprises like PLLC “ESO” and Lithuanian Road Administration and others. To ensure continuity in the optimization and management of existing and prospective clients, the company is among the leading digital construction companies developing BIM infrastructure (the process of creating and managing all building information throughout its life cycle, from initial project concept to demolition) and works with solutions for Lithuanian and other markets. The mission of the company is to assist clients – advanced construction organizations – to efficiently organize their work activities through unique company-specific project management software, optimized for the construction industry, combining the best practices in the field of construction project management, as well as their own professional expertise.
Camunda BPM helps us to integrate project management management model with process management flow.