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Camunda Optimize:
Holistic process intelligence and analytics

Understand and improve the value of your end-to-end process orchestration efforts

Define and measure process KPIs from day one and gain complete visibility into process health and performance.

Camunda Optimize enables a strategic conversation and collaboration between business and IT, centered around processes that align with company goals and objectives. Show the reality of what’s working in your process—and what needs improvement—using expressive dashboards created with your process data.

“Camunda Optimize makes visible what was previously invisible, and this has an effect on the focus of many employees. It led us to start thinking about our processes in a very different, more end-to-end way.”

Johannes Eltgen, Head of IT Management, Visana 

Turn process data into strategic action

establish KPIs to measure what matters most. Quickly build KPI reports using a wizard and create and share dashboards with process owners so they can explore and discover improvements.

use target values to highlight areas of concern where action might be required to maintain high-quality user experiences.

uncover insights using the expressive report builder. Detailed filters, process heatmaps, plus branch and outlier analysis tools allow you to identify areas of opportunity. Supercharge your process optimization with AI machine learning-ready datasets.

observe how a process performs consistently over time. You can even combine data from several processes in a single dashboard.

Enhance processes with data-driven insights

Gain a holistic overview of process health and performance at a glance and direct your optimization efforts to the areas with the greatest potential return on investment.

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Understand even the most complex processes

Cut through the noise to focus on opportunities that deliver value

It can be challenging to analyze and improve complex business processes without the right tool. Camunda Optimize has descriptive reporting and dashboards that help you cut through the noise and focus on the most important data.

Share process intelligence with every stakeholder

Enable everyone to make data-backed process improvements

Dashboards ensure all stakeholders can see the most valuable data at a glance. Build an unlimited number of dashboards, based on templates or create your own, with custom reports and share them with anyone in your organization—even if they don’t use Optimize. 

Easily share real-time insights with one-click dashboards and dashboard templates tailored to different audiences and showcase the success of process automation company wide

Focus your optimization efforts

Powerful analysis tools show you what needs attention

Branch analysis gives you a statistical analysis of how variations in a given end event and gateway impact business results. Use outlier analysis to understand how long each flow node takes to complete with a process-centric heatmap to identify and accelerate your slowest processes. Combine the power of machine learning and your organization’s process execution data with ML-ready datasets to reveal patterns and trends, and predict and optimize future process instances’ outcomes.

Stay on top of goals with custom notifications

Create tailored digests and alerts to keep everyone up to date

Custom alerts let you monitor process performance in real time or at a set interval to signal when goals are met or missed. Schedule custom KPI digests to update stakeholders and leadership on process performance at their preferred cadence.

Unblock process bottlenecks with heatmaps

Visualize how your processes perform to find areas for improvement

Optimize uses BPMN and DMN execution data to generate insightful visualizations of overall process performance. Powerful filters let you quickly pinpoint the root cause and create a plan of action to resolve any underperforming step in a process.

“We use Optimize to show overall status and highlight bottlenecks to show stakeholders where problems are arising – adding value without any added coding. It worked straight out of the box.”

Dr. Eric Euerlings, Senior Integration Domain Architect, Helsana

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