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Cloud Native Workflow and Decision Engine

Automate processes at scale with unprecedented performance and resilience

Zeebe is the workflow and decision engine that powers Camunda.

Zeebe’s cloud-native design provides the performance, resilience, and security enterprises need to future-proof their process orchestration efforts.

“The technical vision behind Zeebe challenged us to re-invent the workflow engine with cloud native principles.

Our next generation workflow engine had to scale horizontally for high volume use cases while also having fault tolerance via replication rather than via a central database – this is what we designed several years back and what is now battle-tested and the heart of Camunda.”

Daniel Meyer
CTO, Camunda

Daniel Meyer Camunda CTO

Mind-blowing performance at any volume

Zeebe doesn’t depend on an external database, so there’s no bottleneck.

It’s easy to distribute processing across a cluster of machines to deliver high throughput.

Add cluster nodes to process an unlimited number of transactions at consistent low latencies.

Enterprise-grade resilience

No more data loss or downtime.

Zeebe distributes data across all brokers in a cluster with storage directly on the server filesystem. If one broker goes down, another can replace it with no data loss.

This pre-configured replication mechanism ensures that Camunda can recover from machine or software failure with no human interaction, no data loss and minimal downtime.

Enable automation at scale with Multi-Tenancy

Improve resource efficiency and reduce operational overhead by leveraging a single Zeebe cluster for multiple projects or teams.Workloads are isolated using tenants, allowing multiple processes to share resources.Customers using multi-tenancy have reduced the number of steps to onboard a new team to Camunda by approximately 90%.

Modern design that reduces potential exposure

Zeebe leverages an external task pattern that decouples the workflow engine from the application and process solution. This shift in architecture comes with many advantages over an embedded engine that could lead to vulnerabilities if an extension is malformed or nefarious.

Additionally, Camunda is ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 1 and Type 2 certified. Read more about Camunda’s security.

Standards-based engine that eliminates workplace silos

Zeebe executes visual processes that are modeled in ISO-standard BPMN and DMN, allowing technical and non-technical stakeholders to collaborate on process design in a widely-used modeling language.

The flexibility developers need

Code + deploy in your preferred language and tooling.

Use out-of-the-box clients or any gRPC-supported programming language to implement job workers that send commands to Zeebe to deploy processes, execute business logic and handle operational issues.

It’s easy to manage Camunda-based code in your source control system and add it to automated tests and CI/CD pipelines.

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Message-driven design for stable, asynchronous communication

Avoid request overload with loose coupling.

Zeebe’s brokers and clients communicate entirely via publish-subscribe, making it possible to adhere to the principle of loose coupling and enabling asynchronous communication between Zeebe and microservices.

Zeebe’s subscription protocol includes a backpressure mechanism, ensuring that clients aren’t overloaded with work from the process engine.

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