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Automate processes and decisions in a modern, standards-based way.

  • Design business processes, build task forms, and automate decisions in a developer-friendly desktop app
  • Rely on the BPMN and DMN standards a common language between business and IT
  • Speed up the delivery of automated processes by sharing reusable templates
  • Use Modeler with your favorite IDE and customize it to make it your own

Automate business processes and decisions

Camunda Modeler is a user-friendly desktop application that gives developers powerful features for designing and deploying automated processes, human workflows, decision tables, and decision requirements diagrams using the globally recognized BPMN and DMN standards.

Work in your preferred development environment

Modeler makes it easy for developers to prepare a BPMN process model or DMN decision table for execution by editing properties, configuring error handling, and adding their own code. Modeler works directly on BPMN 2.0 and DMN 1.3 XML files, so it combines well with IDEs, source code repositories, and other tools that are part of a developer’s toolkit.

Create and share reusable templates

Reusable BPMN task templates eliminate rework and help low-code developers automate processes faster and with fewer errors. Templates can capture domain-specific functionality, facilitating reuse across projects and speeding up the delivery of automated processes to the business. Modeler is fully integrated with the Cawemo Catalog, where it’s easy to manage templates and share them across teams.

Build forms without writing code

Create user task forms in minutes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that’s designed for all types of developers, from low-code devs to professional software engineers. You can deploy forms to Tasklist, Camunda’s out-of-the-box web app for human work, or take advantage of the open-source form-js library. Using the library, it’s easy to combine forms created in Modeler with custom forms in your own front-end applications.

Customize Modeler to fit your needs

Thanks to the Camunda community, a variety of open-source plugins are available to help you customize Modeler and extend its functionality. Popular Modeler plugins include BPMN Token Simulation, Transaction Boundaries Visualization, Technical Tooltips, and more. Plus, the project offers powerful open-source, web-based tools for modeling BPMN, DMN, and user task forms.


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