Camunda BPM Overview

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Target Group:

Business Analysts, Project Managers, IT-Architects, Organizers


1 day


Certificate of completion





Course Overview

In this one-day training you will gain an overview of BPMN and how integrating Camunda BPM can help you with process automation, monitoring and reporting. You will be able to draw your own conclusions as to why BPM will benefit your organization.


By the end of that 1-day training, you will know:

  • the beneftits of BPM and process automation
  • the Camunda BPM architecture
  • how to use Camunda BPM as end-user
  • how to start your Camunda BPM project sucessfully


  • Introduction to BPMN with exercise
  • Introduction to process automation
  • Introduction to Camunda BPM
  • Enhancing BPMN-processes with DMN and CMMN
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Benefits of automation & Camunda BPM
  • Customer Success Path
  • Outlook

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