Camunda Platform DevOps

Target Group:

DevOps Engineers, System Administrators, Operators


Certificate of completion


Experience with setting up enterprise systems and IT operations.

Course Overview

In this two-day training you will learn everything about how to set up, configure, operate, and monitor Camunda Platform successfully in different system environments and architectures. Based on our best practices we will give you hands-on advice in operational key decisions and in how to model & automate your processes for easier operations.


The goal of this two-day training is to give you detailed insights into how to set up and maintain Camunda Platform in different system environments and DevOps scenarios, as well as to show you how to deploy, automate, and monitor your individual process applications.


Installing and configuring Camunda Platform
  • Sizing the production environment
  • Camunda Platform installation
  • Database setup
  • Integration into your environment
  • Securing Camunda Platform
  • Clustering
  • Deployment
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Performance tuning possibilities
  • Monitoring and intervention
  • Integration into alarming
  • Backup Camunda Platform
Modeling for Easier Operations
  • Transactions in workflows
  • Dealing with exceptions
  • Modeling Best Practices
Updates & Upgrades
  • Release strategy
  • Update Camunda Platform
  • Process versioning and version migration
  • Migration support