Camunda Platform Foundation

Target Group:

IT Manager, IT Project Manager, Business Analysts, and anyone else who would like to get an overview of Camunda Platform


Certificate of completion



Course Overview

In this interactive training, you’ll experience the full Camunda lifecycle. We’ll discuss the relevance of workflow automation for digital transformation, gain an overview of process and decision modeling, and understand how to automate and continuously improve processes. Plus you’ll get a hands-on introduction into the end user interface within the Camunda stack. There’s absolutely no software development knowledge required to take part. This course is suitable for both Camunda Platform 7 and Camunda Platform 8 users.


By the end of the one-day workshop you’ll know:

  • The role process automation plays in digital transformation
  • The fundamentals of BPMN and DMN
  • The steps from a process model to a running process application
  • The value you get from automated processes
  • How to use Camunda Platform as an end user


  • The (Re-)Emergence of Workflow Automation in digital transformation
  • Introduction into Business Process Management
  • BPMN fundamentals
  • DMN fundamentals
  • From a model to execution
  • Operation and Monitoring of workflows
  • Process analysis: Continuous optimization of business processes


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