Target Group:

Everybody who wants to understand CMMN in detail.


1 day


Certificate of completion


BPMN knowledge is helpful but not essential.



Course Overview

Learn to master flexibility in processes with CMMN. CMMN is a quite new and very powerful notation specified by the Object Management Group (OMG). While BPMN is the standard for modeling processes that are highly structured, CMMN is a standard for modeling less structured processes namely cases.

As a member of the OMG, we are directly involved in the development of the CMMN standard and thus offer you first hand background information.


In this 1-day seminar you’ll get an overview of the basic principles of CMMN, you’ll learn all details of the CMMN-notation and we’ll provide you with hands-on practice to start with CMMN in your project.


  • Why CMMN?
  • Case Management
  • Introduction into the CMMN notation
  • CMMN in the context of the BPM trio
  • Outlook: Automating CMMN

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