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Connect your robotic process automation tool to Camunda BPM to model, execute, and monitor end-to-end core business processes.

RPA & The End-to-End Process Gap

Robotic Process Automation (also known as RPA) is a much-hyped technology, and the underlying value proposition is indeed compelling. The ability to automate tedious, manual tasks such as data entry that must be completed using legacy software systems with no API can (at least in the short-term) provide enterprises with measurable benefits. Employees will spend less time and energy on low-value work and can focus on strategic projects instead.

While RPA’s core use case solves a real problem, there’s a key consideration that it doesn’t address: the management of end-to-end core business processes.

The specific tasks completed by an RPA tool are often steps in a broader business process that itself must be modeled and monitored so that issues can be resolved quickly and the process can be analyzed and improved over time.

And real-world business processes often include many different types of tasks beyond the scope of an RPA product, including but not limited to:

  • Tasks performed by an external system that can be completed via an API integration (for example, initiating an invoice in SAP)
  • Tasks that must be completed by a human (for example, manually checking order data for regulatory reasons)
  • Events that trigger a process (such as an incoming order), or that we are waiting for in the course of a process (such as the receipt of payment), or that could happen unexpectedly (such as the cancellation of an order)

Camunda BPM works side-by-side with your RPA tool to ensure that you benefit from RPA in process execution without losing sight of the overall process.

End-to-end Workflow Automation with Camunda BPM and RPA

Camunda BPM is a lightweight, developer-friendly engine for modeling, executing, and monitoring workflows.

There’s more than one way you can integrate Camunda BPM with your RPA tool. Camunda BPM can call your RPA tool directly through its API, or it can asynchronously communicate with the RPA tool via the external task pattern. In addition, Camunda BPM can be integrated with any RPA tool using the Camunda REST API.

Camunda BPM is open source under the Apache 2.0 License, which means you have direct access to the source code and a minimal vendor lock-in; at the same time, should your use case require it, Camunda offers an enterprise license with support and additional tooling.

Camunda takes care of business users, too, with extensive tooling for non-developers:

  • Camunda defines workflows using ISO-standard BPMN 2.0, providing a common language for technical and non-technical users.
  • Cawemo enables business users to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to create, edit and specify BPMN process diagrams for developers to deploy.
  • Camunda Modeler allows developers to edit BPMN process diagrams and DMN decision tables, and deploy workflows to the Camunda Engines to execute them.
  • Camunda Optimize provides live monitoring and reports for business stakeholders so that no question about a process is left unanswered.

Blog Post: End-To-End Workflow Automation with RPA and Camunda BPM

Many Camunda users have asked us how to think about RPA in the context of workflow automation, and so in this write-up, we’ll share how we think about combining RPA and Camunda BPM to get the most out of both tools.

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We’re Here to Help

When an organization is ready to integrate an RPA tool with Camunda BPM to model, execute, and monitor end-to-end business processes, the Camunda Enterprise Platform is fully supported by our team of workflow automation experts, and our experienced consulting team is available to help with every step of the integration.

Camunda also provides onsite training to ensure that your team has all the skills necessary to implement workflow automation with Camunda BPM and your RPA tool.

To learn more about RPA and Camunda BPM, you can read this blog post on the Camunda team blog.

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