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This Enterprise distribution comes with a free trial license key that is valid for 30 days. By downloading this software, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Installation Steps

  • 1

    Download and unzip

    This distribution includes Camunda as part of Apache Tomcat. Check the installation manual for alternative setups.

  • 2

    Start up Camunda

    Run start-camunda.bat (Windows) or (Linux)

  • 3

    Check it out

    Open http://localhost:8080/camunda-welcome/index.html and play with the already deployed invoice example.

  • 4

    Run your own Workflow

    Check out the getting started page or watch Niall and his hawk to learn how to build and run your own workflow in no time.

  • 5


    Use Cawemo to collaborate and align with all stakeholders while modeling your workflows.

  • 6

    Get insights into your Workflow

    Watch the getting started with Optimize video to learn how to run Optimize in less than 5 minutes.

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