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Camunda Brand Guidelines

We love that you want to show us off – we just have a few rules.

The Camunda brand relies on consistent visual application in order to be easily recognizable and to represent our core values. Here, we’ve provided guidelines and downloadable assets to help you showcase your partnership with Camunda!

If you have any questions about our brand guidelines and/or would like to request additional assets, please reach out to [email protected].

Font + Typography

IBM Plex Sans is Camunda’s default typeface. IBM Plex is an open source font family and a Google Font, so you can use it within all Google applications. As a last resort, use Arial if IBM Plex is unavailable.


Primary Color Palette

PMS: Orange 21 C
CMYK: 0 69 100 0
RGB: 252 93 13

Orangemunda is Camunda’s signature color and is used as the primary accent color.

RGB: 247 247 247

Note: Not intended for print. Use white for print instead.

PMS: Black
CMYK: 60 50 50 100
RGB: 0 0 0
HEX: 000000

Spacecraft and Black are the primary background colors. They are heavily applied to slides, website updates, and all other branded graphics. There should be a general balance of black and white in all brand applications.

We prefer a light background for text-heavy pieces. Please do NOT use secondary colors or Orangemunda as the background for text-heavy content.

Complete Color Guide

Want to experience the full Camunda rainbow? Check out our complete color guide with neutral and secondary color palettes, as well as additional usage guidelines.

Everything else

This page is a condensed version of our larger set of brand assets and guidelines. For more brand materials, including Camunda photography, slideshow templates, web accessibility and button color guidelines, icons, and more, please reach out to your Camunda contact or our brand team for assistance.

Have any feedback, suggestions, or questions about this page? Let us know!

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