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Accso – Accelerated Solutions GmbH is a Software and IT consulting company. Our experienced software engineers and consultants have developed a reputation for addressing our customer’s most challenging software issues. We work with our customers to create customized software solutions tailored to their business requirements.

Accso specializes in solutions and processes for business critical software. Our consulting team and our software engineers empower our customers to choose the right technology and system architecture and assist our customers in aligning the final solution with existing business processes. The result is a software solution that is functional, reliable and extensible.

Accso offers a comprehensive suite of services spanning the entire software development lifecycle, from requirements engineering, system architecture and API design, to development, testing, quality management and deployment.

Combined with our extensive integration and Java expertise, Camunda BPM has proven to be the preferred solution: a solution based on BPMN, DMN and CMMN standards that provide an excellent balance of business processes and technical code. We put your software investments to work for you instead of gathering dust in an office drawer.