Camunda Branding

Let it be our logo or a company description, you can find all you need on this page.

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  • Use the logos to link to the Camunda website
  • Use the logos to represent your partnership with Camunda, but only if there is a formal partnership agreement.
  • Use the logos in a blog post or news item about Camunda

Please do not...

  • Create any modified versions of the logos (e.g., rotate, changed proportions or colors, additional elements)
  • Use the logo to indicate an endorsement by Camunda (e.g., as a reference customer) without our explicit permission.
  • Use the logo in a way that it can be confused with other brands

Camunda Logos

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Camunda Icon

Brand Stack

Please download the complete Camunda brand stack here.

Camunda Company Boilerplate

In 493 Letters:

Camunda builds software for workflow and decision automation. The company develops the popular open source Camunda platform that supports the BPMN and DMN standards. Many organizations world-wide use Camunda for mission-critical business process automation, including Allianz, AT&T, NASA, T-Mobile and Universal Music. Headquartered in Berlin, Camunda has local presences in San Francisco and Denver and official partnerships with more than 100 IT system integrators in more than 30 countries.