Automate Any Process, Anywhere

Automate Any Process, Anywhere

We see processes as the algorithms that determine how an organization runs.

We believe successful businesses grow from proven, effective processes developed by the business and IT collaborating with the power of BPMN and DMN standards as a common language.

We automate those processes end-to-end, enabling organizations to orchestrate any endpoint of any process reliably and at scale.

Reinventing Process Automation for the Digital Enterprise

Camunda Process Automation software enables some of the most competitive organizations around the world to orchestrate and automate complex processes in a new way. A way that allows them to overcome these boundaries and lay the foundation for a new digital enterprise – and follow the vision of automating any process, anywhere.

Build better customer experiences
Get to value faster
Increase business agility
Drive operational cost savings

Automate Any Process, Anywhere

See how Camunda is reinventing Process Automation for the Digital Era

The Camunda Difference

End-to-end Orchestration

Design, automate, and improve all components of the entire business process end-to-end – across different technologies, systems, infrastructures, people, and devices.

Standards-based Business-IT Collaboration

Rest assured that your business processes run exactly the way you want, by relying on the power of BPMN and DMN standards as a common language, for developers and business stakeholders alike, throughout the entire process automation lifecycle.

Open Architecture

Fit into diverse and complex enterprise environments and technology stacks with Camunda’s open and scalable architecture. It provides a highly scalable platform based on open components that can be easily integrated with most common technical architectures or frameworks. 

Developer-friendly Approach

At Camunda we have made it our mission to provide developers with the best experience. Our platform and tools are easy to get started and use in your environment right away, with full public access to all our docs, open APIs to integrate with just about anything, and a vibrant community of 100,000 developers.

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Marco Einacker
Marco Einacker,
Vice President, Service IT
Deutsche Telekom AG

We are proud to have made the move towards digital transformation very early on and built one of the largest RPA platforms in Europe. Building on our RPA experience, we are now entering the next phase, automating processes from start to finish with the help of Camunda to accelerate digital transformation quickly and sustainably.

Processes run anywhere

Processes are the algorithms that determine how an organization runs. Successful businesses grow from proven, effective processes. At Camunda, we have made it our mission to enable organizations to design, automate and improve these processes — we even wrote the book on BPMN and a report on how well teams are doing.

You can also download the “State of Process Automation Report” to see how you compare to your peers.

Describe process automation as vital for digital transformation

Reached payback on their process automation investments (>100% ROI) within one year

The top four drivers for process automation are the need for better customer service, strategic push for digital transformation, to save money, and reduce errors

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Automate Any Process with Camunda

Camunda process automation software is used to automate hundreds of different use cases

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Automate Human Workflows

Automate notifications, recordings, assignments and escalations while providing a flexible Tasklist to include human workflow activities and decisions.

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Orchestrate Microservices

Choreograph microservices as an integral part of a full business process and ensure they are carefully monitored, managed and analyzed.

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Get Control of your RPA Bots

Modernize brittle RPA implementations. Orchestrate, monitor and analyze multiple RPA bots alongside other activities for end-to-end business processes automation.

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Modernize Legacy Business Process Management Systems (BPMS)

Get results quicker, respond to business needs more flexibly and move beyond technical boundaries by shedding restrictive, expensive and outdated BPMS products.

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Replace Homegrown Workflow Solutions

Overcome the limitations of hard to maintain, expensive and inflexible in-house workflow solutions and save critical time and effort for your development team.

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Deliver Workflow Automation to Your Customers

Add workflow automation to your software products through a powerful engine that scales with your business.

Camunda Automation Platform 7.17.0

Centralize your Process Automation Platform

Provide a scalable process automation platform as an integral part of your application delivery technology stack across your organization.

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Modernize Legacy IT Systems

Increase your business agility and overcome roadblocks to digital transformation by retiring homegrown software, orchestrating across monoliths and microservices, and reducing RPA bot overhead.

Get started with Camunda Platform 8

Scalable micro-service orchestration. Modern cloud-ready architecture.

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