Why Camunda?

Reinventing Process Automation for the Digital Era

Built for developers using a standards-based approach, Camunda process automation software is open source, highly scalable and designed to enable business and IT teams to collaborate on process automation.

Our workflow and decision automation tools enable teams to build software applications more flexibly, collaboratively and efficiently, gaining the business agility, visibility and scale needed to drive digital transformation.

Automate Any Process, Anywhere

Many organizations made early investments in BPM and workflow automation solutions that were hard to install and maintain, costly to own, and relied on closed architectures, which made them difficult to integrate with internal technology stacks.

As a result, many organizations decided to get rid of these legacy systems and replaced them with Camunda.

Camunda software is used to automate hundreds of different process use cases. Today, automation teams rely
on Camunda to:

Centralize your Process
Automation Platform
Modernize your Legacy BPM
Replace Homegrown Workflow
Orchestrate and Analyze Microservices
Get Control of your RPA Bot Farm
Automate Manual Human Workflow Tasks
Marco Einacker,
Vice President, Service IT
Deutsche Telekom AG

We are proud to have made the move towards digital transformation very early on and built one of the largest RPA platforms in Europe. Building on our RPA experience, we are now entering the next phase, automating processes from start to finish with the help of Camunda to accelerate digital transformation quickly and sustainably.

The Camunda Difference

Thousands of process automation teams chose Camunda because of:

  • Our Collaborative Approach
    Camunda software provides the confidence that their business processes run exactly how they want them to run – because business stakeholders can participate in the design process and collaborate with developers every step of the way.
  • Our Insight
    Camunda provides transparency and insight into the health of their business processes, how they perform and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Our Flexibility
    With Camunda organizations can be more business agile and rapidly change their business processes using open BPMN and DMN standards that are easy for developers to integrate, build and maintain.
  • Our Scalability
    Camunda’s lightweight and highly scalable software is designed to automate high volume and complex processes.
  • Our Openness
    Camunda uses a developer-friendly, open source and standards-based approach that enables highly efficient and cost-effective process and decision automation without ‘vendor lock-in’.
  • Our Developer Community
    The Camunda developer-friendly approach has attracted a vibrant, global developer community of more than 100,000 developers.