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Virtual TinTech Conference

June 22, 2021
Virtual TINtech 2021 will be a series of six 30-40 minute webinars / online panel discussions run on one day. In between these sessions we will be inviting attendees to either view 5 minute TINcasts (pre-recorded podcast style ‘mini-webinars’ recorded with our exhibitors) or to visit the Virtual Exhibition Area.

Process Automation Forum Live: Finance & Banking

June 29, 2021
Process Automation Forums
Hear from experts from Morgan Stanley and Truist Financial about how they approach architecting and building next generation applications streamlining financial services.

The Diana Initiative – Virtual Conference

July 16, 2021 – July 17, 2021
A conference focused on Women, Diversity, and Inclusion in Information Security Camunda Speaker: Kiran Oliver, Technical Community Builder, Camunda Talk Title: Rising from the Ashes Abstract: Pitfalls happen. Some worse than others. Whether it’s losing a job, a loved one, a promotion falls through, or you lost an opportunity you thought you had ‘in the bag,’. Non-men in tech often experience these setbacks and feel like they’ll never recover. They lay low, safe among the ashes of their scorched chances, and wait for the next thing to come along. However, they are not idle. They connect with others like them, building a group of like-minded individuals that together can take on more than one would alone. Then, when you least expect it–They rise, a glorious phoenix, set to take on the world. A challenger to the status-quo awaits, with sparks cascading off their wings, ready to meet whatever obstacles life throws at them. In this closing keynote address, Rin Oliver will speak about how to build resilience, why you should set boundaries, and will share examples of overcoming personal career hardship and how where they’ve been got them to where they are now. Rin will share their tips and advice for how to psych yourself up when you’ve been down, offer advice for connecting with others in the cybersecurity industry, and will show you how to nurture the embers of your past to blaze a path towards a brighter future, together.
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