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Patience Pays Off – Benefits of Long-running Microservices (EN)

May 19, 2021
“Please try again in a few minutes” – a notification you never want to see. Yet most services are architected with immediate responses in mind, leading to exactly this response in the case of service failure. There are several tools that can simplify the implementation of long-running behaviors, one such tool is process automation. This webinar will provide real-world examples to help you learn the proper implementation of process automation to achieve the desired outcomes with microservice architectures.

Live Demo: An Overview of Camunda Platform (EN)

May 25, 2021
Camunda Event
Discover how Camunda enables teams to build software applications more collaboratively and efficiently with a standards-based, developer-friendly approach.
In this high-level demonstration of our product set, you’ll see how you can:
  • Design and model process flows using Cawemo and Modeler
    (and learn why they’re different)
  • Deploy processes and rules to Camunda’s Workflow and Decision Engine
  • Analyze and improve upon those rules and processes using Optimize

Watch as we demonstrate a process that interacts with external events both synchronously and asynchronously, applies business rules, and utilizes an independent application through a REST API for user interaction. This intro is suitable for anyone who is new to Camunda, and shows how our products are used to automate manual, high volume, and intensive processes.

World OPEX Directors Summit 2021 (EN)

May 26, 2021 – May 27, 2021
Speaker: Jakob Freund, CEO Camunda Time: Wednesday, May 26 – 11.45pm CET Title: Automate Any Process, Anywhere. Abstract: Imagine your people could effectively work together so that they can build the processes that accelerate the business and improve customers experiences – all at the right time and with the flexibility to change as soon the business needs change. Imagine the processes could orchestrate all people, systems and things that are needed to drive great outcomes. And imagine you could quickly understand any potential inefficiencies or bottlenecks and improve these processes as you go. I would like to share Camundas vision for process automation with you – a vision in which you can eventually automate any process, anywhere

GOTO Meetup ft. Niall Deehan (EN)

May 26, 2021
Speaker: Niall Deehan, Developer Advocate, Camunda Title: Lost In Transaction: Closing the Business-IT Gap Talk Abstract: With a live coded example, I’ll be showing how even some of the most complicated programming patterns can be visually represented and executed, making for less boiler plate code and better inside into what is happening in the system. When a system is being designed we use words and pictures to best convey the solution that need to be built. Often details are missed and as a developer you’re forced to interpret the true meaning and project’s goal from abstract descriptions. By using an Open Source automation engine (Camunda Platform), you can design executable models using open standards (BPMN 2.0) which functions as both a executable, universal language for Developers, DevOps and even Analysts.

Camunda Cloud – Launch Webinar (EN)

May 26, 2021
If you’ve looked at our blogs or our forums recently, you’ve heard a lot about Camunda Cloud. We’re excited to make Camunda Cloud generally available and to deliver the first on-demand process automation as a service solution with a horizontally scalable workflow engine. Camunda Cloud is based on the ISO standard BPMN and includes built-in tools for collaborative modeling, operations and analytics. This session will provide:
  • More information about Camunda Cloud
  • An overview of why we built it
  • A technical deep dive
  • An in-depth product demo

DEVRELCON Tokyo 2021 (EN)

June 5, 2021
Speaker: Amara Graham, Head of Developer Experience, Camunda & Kiran Oliver, Technical Community Builder, Camunda Amara Title: Introducing a Technical Writing Style Guide from Scratch Kiran Title: Tips and Tricks for Building an Open Source Community Hub
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