Camunda Community Summit

04/27/2021 – 04/28/2021

The Camunda Community Summit will be a unique, interactive two-day event exclusively for developers. Featuring deep-dive technical topics, live coding demonstrations, and the latest advances in process automation.

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Mozilla Festival Virtual 2021 (EN)

March 8, 2021 – March 22, 2021
Speaker: Rin Oliver, Technical Community Builder, Camunda Title: Creating Equitable Digital Spaces for Neurodivergent Individuals

Center of Excellence for Process Automation (EN)

March 10, 2021
The secret behind successful digital transformation
Have you successfully implemented process automation technology in areas of your organization, but are struggling to drive further adoption? Are organizational silos, ease of knowledge sharing and resistance to change slowing things down?
You aren’t alone, and there is a solution!

iBPM Live (EN)

March 16, 2021 – March 18, 2021
Speaker: Jakob Freund, CEO, Camunda Title: Automate any Process, Anywhere Time: March 16, 9am EST Abstract: Imagine your people could effectively work together so that they can build the processes that accelerate the business and improve customers experiences – all at the right time and with the flexibility to change as soon the business needs change. Imagine the processes could orchestrate all people, systems and things that are needed to drive great outcomes. And imagine you could quickly understand any potential inefficiencies or bottlenecks and improve these processes as you go. I would like to share Camunda’s vision for process automation with you – a vision in which you can eventually automate any process, anywhere.

JavaLand Cologne 2021 (EN)

March 17, 2021
Speaker: Bernd Ruecker, Co-founder & Chief Technologist, Camunda Talk Title: Opportunities and Pitfalls of Event-Driven Utopia Talk Time: Wednesday, March 17, 12-12.40pm Language: German Abstract: Event-driven architectures are on the rise. They promise both better decoupling of components by using an event bus and improved scalability in terms of throughput. Decoupled modules help to scale your software development efforts itself. Event streaming promises to handle ever-growing amounts of “data in motion” in real-time, event sourcing allows us to time travel, and domain events have turned out to be powerful building blocks that lead to a better understanding of underlying business requirements. But there are also pitfalls that you’d better be aware of. For example event-notifications used inappropriately can lead to tighter coupling or cyclic dependencies between components. It is also easy to lose sight of flows across service boundaries, making it hard to understand how core business logic is actually implemented. This can get even worse if you lack tooling to get insights into your event flows. Last but not least, the event-driven approach is not well-understood by most developers or business analysts, making it hard for companies to adopt. In this talk, I will quickly go over the concepts, the advantages, and the pitfalls of event-driven utopia. Whenever possible, I will share real-life stories or point to source code examples.

GOTO Bookclub with Bernd Rücker (EN)

March 18, 2021

Camunda MeetUp Switzerland (DE)

March 25, 2021
Wenn du selbst ein spannendes Projekt kennst oder sogar entwickelst und dieses gerne präsentieren möchtest, zögere nicht, mich zu kontaktieren. Ich freue mich auf das Meetup und hoffe, euch hoffentlich bald wieder persönlich zu treffen!

Camunda Question Corner (EN)

March 25, 2021
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