Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Study reveals Camunda customers see a 389% ROI


Case Studies

  • How Deutsche Telekom transformed from a monolithic application to an agile, microservices-based architecture
  • Executing 160,000 insurance process instances a month with visibility and efficiency
  • Executing more than 90M BPMN workflow instances and DMN decision instances per day
  • Digital Content Distribution at Scale
  • Process Automation Helps VA Serve Veterans’ Families
  • Supporting enterprise-wide business process automation initiatives, spanning finance, commerce, marketing, customer support and more.
  • Introduction of a new capacity management system which forms the foundation for both national & international transport
  • Execution of all online orders world-wide
  • Digitizing operational core processes to increase efficiency and save costs
  • T-Mobile Austria increased execution speed for mobile orders through automation
  • Processing more than 13 million SmartPlan instances managed by 56,000 users.
  • Digitizing end-to-end processes for the health and accident insurance industry in Switzerland
  • Process Automation Reimagined at Capital One
  • Modeling and implementing business process for different insurance services
  • The Goldman Sachs Workflow Platform powered by Camunda
  • Bringing together servers, robots and scientists to create and execute complex workflows for biological products
  • Fidelity Investments: Migrating from Legacy BPM to Camunda
  • Developing a citizen portal orchestrated with Camunda to deliver 120 e-services to the public
  • Managing accident and legal protection processes along with motor damage and property processes
  • Putting It All Together: Process Automation, Automated Testing and CI/CD
  • Defining and automating processes for the motor industry to enable faster lending processes
  • Boosting Agility, Transparency and Scalability with Camunda
  • 500+ Processes and Counting… Managed Workflow Platform at Société Generale
  • Delivering Enterprise Quality Management Solutions to varying industries with automated business workflows