Release Policy

Components of Camunda follow a release policy outlined below. 

For version specific release policy information see:

Versioning and Releases

Components of Camunda follow the Semantic Versioning standard, which defines a version number using the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH pattern.

  • MAJOR version can make incompatible API changes.
  • MINOR version can add functionality in a backward-compatible manner.
  • PATCH version can make backward-compatible bug fixes.

The Camunda team strives to release at least:

  • A new minor version of the Camunda components every six months – the second Tuesday of April and October
  • In between minor versions, roughly monthly releases (to preview the upcoming minor version)

Standard Support Period

Camunda provides a standard support period of 18 months for their Enterprise customers. Therefore, Camunda supports at least the last three released minor versions with patch releases. Patch releases are offered on a best effort basis for the currently supported versions.

Camunda Release Cadence

Components of Camunda release at a regular cadence – the second Tuesday of April and October.

What does End of Maintenance mean?

End of maintenance means that Camunda will not perform any maintenance or release any bug fixes and patch releases related to the mentioned version after the specified date. In case you are planning to migrate to a more recent version of Camunda, check our Camunda 7 Update & Migration Guide or our Camunda 8 Update Guide.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or if you need help migrating to a new version.

Why does Camunda change Supported Environments?

Camunda is committed to delivering improvements and bug fixes as fast as possible. We are also committed to providing world class support for our software running in different environments. However, as new versions of databases, web browsers, etc, are released, the cost of supporting multiple environments grows exponentially, making it harder to provide the level of support our customers have come to expect from us. Therefore, we no longer support environments marked as end-of-life by the vendor, or very old versions that are no longer widely used.

Camunda 7 Supported Environments

Camunda 8 Supported Environments

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