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Design Business Processes and Decision Models

Build better.
Build together.

Sometimes, it feels like business and IT are speaking different languages.

Luckily, universally understood standards like BPMN get everyone on the same page. Which is pretty helpful when you’re building complex workflows together.

team collaborating on process models at table

Complex processes are tough to grasp without a clear diagram.

Camunda Modeler uses visual BPMN and DMN languages so technical and non-technical stakeholders can collaborate and design.
screenshot of camunda modeler

“Camunda’s been amazing for us. Our Product Owners write in business terms. They just lay it all out in BPMN and then hand it to the developers. This lets our business analysts review solutions, ask detailed questions, and approve diagrams before any code is written.”

Jimmy Floyd, Solution Architect, 24 Hour Fitness

Design and deploy in the same interface

deploy bpmn models

Quickly integrate any technology

Connectors let you orchestrate and automate any process across people, systems, and devices in less time.

Choose from our pre-built integrations for technologies like AWS Lambda or Slack, and create reusable Connectors for any system with our Integration Framework. Once finalized, you can provision custom Connectors for fast reuse across the organization so more users can leverage them in their automation projects.

Enhanced focus for editing FEEL expressions

This popup FEEL editor provides developers an enhanced experience for crafting and fine-tuning expressions to map and transform data. You can effortlessly resize and reposition the modal over your BPMN diagrams or forms, ensuring a distraction-free environment for expression creation that updates in real time.

The popup editor boasts real-time updates, enabling you to compose or modify expressions while seeing the changes happening in real time.

Boost Business Agility with Web Modeler API

CI/CD workflows accelerate product delivery to ensure companies remain agile and responsive in ever-evolving markets. The Web Modeler API simplifies integrating with CI/CD workflows using popular pipelines such as Jenkins or Azure DevOps. Advanced permissions help developers efficiently access and modify projects and files to ensure vital resources stay in sync with your version control system.

Align teams on complex processes with visual modeling

Camunda Modeler aligns business and IT teams using standards-based BPMN diagrams

Versioning lets you iterate on process design to find what works best. Collaborate and comment virtually to ensure alignment from anywhere. Transform complex workflows into easy-to-read process models that you can embed and share as a single reference point company wide.

share diagram screenshot from camunda modeler

Use advanced workflow patterns to orchestrate any process

Digitally transform even the most complex workflows

You need advanced workflow patterns to go beyond basic automation and truly transform a process. These flows are common with critical business processes but are often out of reach for most software due to the complex logic and endpoint diversity.

Help developers be more productive (and happier)

FEEL (Friendly Enough Expression Language) expressions helps developers map data and transform data efficiently.

The FEEL Expression Editor ensures developers use the correct syntax by highlighting any mistakes that need correction before deployment. Context-aware suggestions display to help developers write accurate FEEL expressions faster. Auto-completing code will display variables, operators, and functions given the context of the expression.

Learn BPMN best practices

Want to automate processes like a pro? Check out these resources for upping your BPMN game, and apply them to your next project.

Join Camunda Academy

Upgrade your understanding of process orchestration and digital transformation. Completely for free.

BPMN for Developers

Learn how the visual BPMN standard helps you collaborate and align on process design to accomplish more.

Build forms in a few clicks

Create user task forms in minutes with an intuitive, drag-and-drop builder.

Quickly design and deploy custom forms to Tasklist, our simple web app for human work. The form builder lets you quickly build dynamic forms and preview them before deployment. For more custom needs, you can also leverage the fully-supported form-js library, making it easy to synchronize custom forms in your front-end applications.

build forms in camunda

Transform business logic into Camunda Forms with Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate building custom forms by using generative artificial intelligence to transform plain language inputs into form structures. The AI-assisted form builder speeds up the ideation phase so you can concentrate on refining the form and seamlessly integrating technical logic.

AI Form Buiilder

Design processes locally or in the cloud

Camunda Web Modeler offers powerful collaborative abilities like commenting, paired process design, and milestone creation. You can even set up a beta version of Web Modeler to run in a self-managed environment. If you prefer a local development experience, download Desktop Modeler and start designing your process from your desktop.

Bring process visibility to your center of excellence

Share BPMN diagrams so everyone understands what’s powering the business.

Business processes are the algorithms that define an organization. Enable teams to better understand the workflows running behind the scenes with shareable BPMN models and token simulation. Store them in your preferred repository or embed them on an internal company webpage like Confluence for greater visibility.

Tailored views for different users

Give personalized modeling experiences for business technologists and professional developers. Design mode lets users focus on for collaborating and creating a process model, with the ability to quickly link decision tables and other processes. The implementation view gives developers everything they need to define properties in the BPMN diagram, including helpful warnings to ensure smooth process deployments. 

Test and demonstrate processes with confidence

Easily validate a process at any stage of development in a sandbox Zeebe environment as often as needed — with no risk to production systems. Testing helps dramatically reduce the effort required to realistically simulate the process and shortens the development feedback loop. This empowers the team for continuous improvement and alignment:

  • Developers can rapidly develop processes through trial-and-error experimentation.
  • Testers can perform their tests easily and frequently without affecting production systems.
  • Business stakeholders better understand and validate that the process behaves as expected.

This feature is currently available to Trial and Starter plan users. Camunda Self-Managed Enterprise customers can opt-in for non-production use.

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