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Camunda 7

A process automation stack with execution engines for BPMN workflows and DMN decisions, combined with solutions for modeling, operations, and analytics.

  • Enable effective business-IT collaboration for designing, automating, and managing mission-critical processes
  • Orchestrate business processes across a variety of endpoints such as APIs, RPA bots, and more
  • Use real-time data to pinpoint and resolve technical issues that disrupt business processes
  • Continuously improve your processes with comprehensive performance analytics

Design business processes and automated decisions

Camunda Modeler is a user-friendly desktop application that gives developers powerful features for designing and deploying processes and decision tables using BPMN and DMN, the global standards for process and decision modeling.

Cawemo is a web-based BPMN and DMN modeling application with a focus on collaboration. Cawemo is available as a self-managed offering.

Automate complex business processes from end to end

The Workflow Engine orchestrates processes that span APIs, microservices, human work, IoT devices, RPA bots, and more, so you have complete control and visibility for your most critical business processes.

Business decisions are a critical part of business processes. The Decision Engine integrates with the Workflow Engine for highly efficient execution of decision tables as a part of end-to-end business processes, no matter how complex your business rules are.

Get started fast with a ready-to-use interface for the business

Tasklist is an out-of-the-box web application that’s tightly integrated with Camunda’s process orchestration capabilities. Simply model a business process and deploy it to the Workflow Engine; when a user needs to work on a task, they’ll see it appear in Tasklist.

Discover, analyze, and solve issues before they impact end users

Cockpit delivers a real-time view of BPMN processes and DMN decision tables as they run, so you can monitor their status and quickly identify technical incidents that slow down or stop workflows. Cockpit provides the data you need to analyze incidents and quickly take action to ensure end users aren’t stuck in a workflow that’s going nowhere.

Continuously improve your business processes

Optimize gives you the intelligence you need to continuously improve your business processes and automated decisions. Uncover process bottlenecks and other performance issues in easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that can be shared with technical teams and business stakeholders.

Struggling with a traditional BPM suite?

Traditional business process management suites are built on closed architectures and take a proprietary approach to application development that limits your agility and locks you into a single vendor’s ecosystem. At Camunda, we help organizations orchestrate and automate complex business processes in a new way, through an open and flexible architecture and a developer-friendly approach that helps you get to value faster and stay agile as business requirements evolve. Migration is straightforward, and we’re here to help.

Our IT teams have been focused on streamlining customer experiences ranging from buying to support across our product offerings. Using Camunda allows our teams to stay agile, while centralizing business processes and rules with improved end-to-end visibility. This transformation will eventually power our non-technical stakeholders to self-serve their needs as we iterate for optimization and scale. Teaming up with Camunda enables our IT teams to focus on shipping critical business processes with agility, visibility & efficiency.

— Vinayak Varma, Intelligent Automation Senior Team Lead, Atlassian

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