The start of community events

community event directions poster

Last week we had our first two community kick-off events. On Wednesday we were at the Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG in Frankfurt followed by an evening on Thursday at LVM Versicherung in Münster.
Both companies successfully work with camunda BPM and have spoken of their experiences with the platform.
We also got a chance to present the camunda project to groups of about 20 BPM enthusiasts and had open discussions about aims, preferences, likes and wishes.
A lot of positive feedback trickled through this week and more evenings with varying subjects will follow.
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people talking and eating in boardroom

presentation audience

And last but not least, our partners Plexiti just introduced camunda BPM at the JUG Barcelona. Thanks to Rafael Cordones for flying the camunda flag in Spain.

Rafael Cordones presenting

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