Camunda Educational License Program

If you’re a member of an educational institution and you’d like to use Camunda for your course work or a research project, we’d like to help you with that.

Camunda’s Educational License Program aims to enable people and organizations to teach BPMN and process automation to others by giving them access to the enterprise features of Camunda. 

What’s included in the Camunda Educational License Program?

Camunda Platform Enterprise:
with advanced Cockpit features

Camunda Optimize:
Camunda’s reporting and analytics tool

Cawemo Enterprise:
Camunda’s web modeler with advanced features

There’s also support available from the University User Group community, as a Slack group and a meetup group. Both are free to join and allow you to exchange with others who’ve integrated Camunda technology into their own programs. 

In addition, you can connect with Camunda’s DevRel team for reviews, code examples and advice. 

So if you’re working or studying at an educational institution and you’d like to participate in this program, just fill out the form on the right and we can get you started.