Leadership Team

Our Story

Camunda has been focusing on business process automation since we started the company in 2008. We participated in defining the BPMN 2.0 and DMN 1.1 standards, and our book “Real-Life BPMN” has become one of the most successful publications about BPMN, available in English, Spanish and German.

Why “Camunda”

Camunda comes from the latin verbs “capere” (“to comprehend”) and “munda” (“clean”). It means that we want to deeply understand the world around us and based on that understanding we want to act in a way that is both effective and ethically correct - to make the world a better place, for all of us.

Jakob Freund, CEO

Co-Founder of Camunda. Fascinated by process automation and company building.

Robert Gimbel, CRO

Joined us in 2009. Helped our clients in their process projects as a consultant for 3 years before managing our product development and eventually becoming chief revenue officer.

Daniel Meyer, CTO

Joined us in 2010, first as a developer and consultant, then techical lead and engineering manager, later becoming VP of Engineering and eventually Chief Technology Officer.

Bernd Rücker, Developer Advocate

Co-Founder of Camunda. Coached countless real-life software projects and helped many customers to implement business logic centered around long running flows.