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Camunda Community Values

Our community values aren’t just shared beliefs, they also guide the actions we take and how we collaborate.

To identify the core values of the Camunda community, Camunda’s Developer Relations team conducted a global survey at the Camunda Community Summit in 2022. Based on the feedback received and additional personal conversations with different community members, we’ve outlined the core values our community feels most represented by.

These values are shared to promote a common understanding and baseline for how members of the community connect, collaborate, and work together. Documenting these values helps provide a common baseline among a community whose background, nationality, and experiences may differ.

Values evolve over time, and as such, you may have additional recommendations for inclusion or improvement. Please share your suggestions and feedback by contacting us. The Community Management team will review your feedback and contact you.

How we collaborate: Passion in doing, joy in sharing

  • We enjoy what we do and we like to share it with others.
  • We are transparent.
  • We are generous with our time and knowledge.

How we treat each other: Kind to others and ourselves

  • We value and actively support diversity.
  • We connect with one another in meaningful ways.
  • We value humor.

How we work together: Always accountable 

  • We take accountability for what we do.
  • We prefer actionable and quick improvements.
  • We are not only consuming information, but collaborating.

Passion for what we do: Orchestration with heart

  • We share the passion for process orchestration. 
  • We shape the future.
  • We conquer complexity through process orchestration.

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