Camunda Champion Program

Are you a passionate Camunda contributor, who loves to support others within the community? Then you might be a Champion!

Camunda Champions are loyal, helpful and collaborative community members who actively support the Camunda Community by answering questions, speaking at events, publishing content or contributing to online communities. With this program we want to give you credit for the work you’re doing and set you up for success. Come and join the fun!

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Who is a Camunda Champion?

Our awesome community is what makes us who we are and we value each and every member. There are some community members who always go above and beyond and love to share their knowledge and expertise to help others within the community. Contributions from Champions might include speaking at events, leading user groups, answering questions or contributing to online communities.

Do you:

  • Love to support others?
  • Actively contribute to the Camunda Community?
  • Demonstrate Camunda product expertise?
  • Are you passionate about Camunda?

Then you shouldn’t wait any longer to apply!

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Why become a Camunda Champion?

With this program, we want to value your contributions to the community, set you up for success and create a global network of Camunda Champions. Some of the benefits you can expect as a Champion:

  • The recognition of the community
  • Access to Camunda Experts and fellow Champions
  • Exclusive Camunda Badges
  • First-hand information about updates from the Camunda Universe
  • Access to Camunda Academy 
  • Invitation to exclusive Champion Summit
  • Special Swag

Get to know our Champions

Alexey Vinogradov

Alexey Vinogradov

Asko Soukka

Björn Richerzhagen

christian machler

Christian Mächler

David Zang

Denis Kotov

Dominik Horn

Dominik Horn

Florian Runschke

Florian Runschke

Gunnar Von der Beck

Gunnar von der Beck

Harish Malavade

Hassan Ghanem

Jan Galinski

Jan Galinski

Jan Rohwer

Jan Rohwer

Jean Robert Alves

Juan Carlos Beltrán Rebaza

Luc Weinbrecht

Markus Stahl

Mauricio Bitencourt

Mauricio Bitencourt

Marigianna Skouradaki

Michał Stefaniuk

max young

Max Young

Pascal Mengelt

Pascal Mengelt

Patrick Schalk

Patrick Schalk

Philipp Hehnle

Philipp Hehnle

Raimundo Santos

Simon Zambrovski

Simon Zambrovski

Skay Liu

Stefan Schultz

Stefan Schultz

Tales Paiva


Thomas Heinrichs

Tiese Barrell

Tiese Barrell

Tobias Schäfer

Uwe Koch

Victor Franca

William Buzatto

William Buzatto

william robert

William Robert da Veiga Alves

Zhi Li


There’s not one size fits all – Each community member has different strengths and is active in certain areas. To join the program, you must be a passionate Camunda user, demonstrate product expertise, support other community members and contribute to the overall community. Typical contributions might include the following.

Event-related community activities

  • Leading User Groups and organizing Meetups or other events
  • Speaking at Camunda Meetups
  • Speaking at external events about your experiences with Camunda

Community education and onboarding

  • Helping new contributors get started, finding a repository to contribute to, forking a repo, and making their first pull request
  • Answering questions on the forum or other online communities (Social Media, Slack, GitHub etc.)

Code-related activities

  • Releasing libraries or plugins
  • Opening valid pull requests or merging pull requests

Community content creation

  • Writing a blog post or a social media post about your experiences with Camunda
  • Helping to the spread the word via social media

If you’re unsure whether you should apply or not, just give it a try and fill out the application form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The Champion program lasts for one year. The next cohort will begin in November 2024 and you can already apply (the deadline to apply is September 27, 2024). You’ll hear back from us regarding the status of your application closer to the deadline

The Camunda Champion Program team selects the top contributors and welcomes them into the program. If you get accepted, you will be notified via email.

Champions receive the title for one year, during which they can enjoy the benefits that are associated with the program. Existing Champions are eligible to renew their status for the following year, as long as they can demonstrate that they have made significant contributions to the community over the past 12 months. Being named Camunda Champion one year does not automatically guarantee that someone will remain in the program the following years. We reserve the right to remove a Champion before the 12-month term ends, e.g. when a person violates our Code of Conduct.

Once you fill out the application form, you’ll receive an email with further information regarding next steps. If you got accepted for the program, you will be notified via email.

If you have any questions around the program, feel free to reach out to us via [email protected].

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