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Extending Camunda Cockpit through Plugins

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  • Extending Camunda Cockpit through Plugins

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camunda Cockpit with a plugin
Camunda Cockpit with a plugin

As we have seen in the past, it is impossible for Camunda Cockpit —our process monitoring tool— to satisfy all needs, out of the box. That is why we have long thought about providing it with an appropriate extension mechanism that empowers users to fit the tool to their very own monitoring needs.

With the latest release of Camunda BPM a first version of a plugin system for Camunda Cockpit is finally here. So what is it about? Simply spoken it is about extending the cockpit GUI with custom views on everything that runs with Camunda BPM. Processes, process instances, deployments, tasks… you name it. That may be accomplished by providing backend services that execute custom queries against an engine database. In addition, the backend services can also execute custom engine commands. A colleague already promised me to exploit the full powers of the mechanism in a Chuck Norris plugin. Camunda BPM engines around the world, watch out.

I created an article on how to develop a plugin for everyone who is interested in all the details. Another good start to get right into the matter may be the sample plugin that gets developed in the article.

The whole plugin matter is brand new and you can expect more source code, documentation and articles on the matter. Up to then we welcome your feedback on our dev mailing list.

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