Monitor collaborating executable BPMN 2.0 processes in cockpit

In a current customer project we faced the issue that there were two executable processes – independent of each other. So far – so normal. But these two processes had to sync status here and there – so they were clearly related, but not by using a Call Activity. BPMN 2.0 allows this by communication via messages as shown in the following example. But how to keep track of this in monitoring? We developed a small cockpit plugin to show the related process instances – see below.

showing two related processes with the plugin
The process is in the area of IT infrastructure management, where changes are handled by multiple different change processes handled by different departments which are pretty autonomous. But actually for today’s post it is not really important what the process does. I can just add that I am pretty happy that Camunda is small enough to have much easier processes in place for IT infrastructure management (“Hey Stefan – get the wireless working please” ;-)).

I used process variables (“callingProcess” and “calledProcess”) to remember which processes communicate with each other. I used this variables in a pretty straight forward cockpit plugin showing the related processes  for a selected process instance (comparable to what we do out-of-the-box for call activities):

screenshot showing the plugin in Cockpit

This makes it pretty easy to keep everything under control in operations. And the best: It took only a couple of minutes to write the plugin 🙂

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