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Camunda BPM tetris T-shirt
Still need a Christmas present? How about a cool camunda BPM T-Shirt? Various team members designed the Shirts themselves and we got quite some response throughout the year. So we will make them available to you!

OK – to be honest we will not make it before Christmas – but you can look forward to your new Shirt early in 2014! T-Shirts cost 20 € each (including shipping within Germany – ask us for international shipment options if applicable). We collect orders from now on till 31st of December, order the bunch of T-Shirts and ship them in January to you. How does that sound?

If you are interested please send an email to [email protected] with

  • exact amount,
  • style,
  • color,
  • size (S, M, L, XL) and
  • complete delivery address.

In Germany we send via invoice. For international orders we will answer you with exact prices and modalities.  Of course all shirts will be organic and fair-trade!

And here come the styles:

Camunda Event T-shirt


Camunda roundtrip t-shirt


Camunda BPM tetris t-shirt


Camunda bpm-suite t-shirt


Camunda rainbow t-shirt

And colors:


Camunda BPM tetris white T-shirt


Camunda BPM tetris black T-shirt


Camunda BPM tetris red T-shirt


Camunda BPM tetris brown T-shirt


Camunda BPM tetris blue T-shirt


Camunda BPM tetris green T-shirt

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