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camunda Modeler 2.5.0 released: Extension elements, properties panel and bug fixes

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  • camunda Modeler 2.5.0 released: Extension elements, properties panel and bug fixes
The camunda BPM team is pleased to announce the release of camunda Modeler 2.5.0. This release is dedicated to align the latest improvements of camunda BPM 7.1 with the modelers properties panel. Furthermore we implemented a new properties tab for extension elements and of course we fixed bugs.

Find a complete list of issues solved in this release in JIRA. This release
covers Eclipse Kepler and Juno/Indigo as well as the camunda ModelerStandalone.

The new features where mainly developed by Kristin! Furthermore Roman did some great bugfixes.

Properties Panel
We aligned the elements of the properties panel with the latest engine features released with camunda BPM 7.1.
Follow Up Date
According to CAM-1654 you can define a follow up date for User Tasks. Find more information in our docs.
Receive Task message handling
Similar to the Catching Message Event you can add messages for Receive Task via the properties panel. This is according to the engines correlateMessage() method.

Extension Elements
Add extension elements to all BPMN elements via the new Extensions tab. Find more
information about extension elements in our docs. Furthermore check out the
BPMN Parse Listener example build by Kristin.
Exclusive Flag
In the course of this release we implemented the Exclusive checkbox to determine whether a job will be performed at the same time as another exclusive job from the same process instance. Find detailed information in our docs.
Try out the new modeler and tell us what you think via our forums or on twitter.

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