Testing BPMN processes with fluent assertions: Awesome!

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  • Testing BPMN processes with fluent assertions: Awesome!

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Sometimes this topic comes up in the Camunda Platform forum and I cannot stress & highlight this enough! 🙂

Writing test cases for your BPMN processes is a vital part of good process implementation. However, writing good, maintainable testcases can be cumbersome because you may have to write a lot of boilerplate code and the resulting testcases are often hard to read and understand.
As a community extension, Martin Schimak has developed a fluent and well readable API, Camunda BPM assert:

Awesome, right? Using the API frees your test code of a lot of boilerplate details, makes it easy to read and maintain. Without assert, that same testcase would look like this:
From a project management perspective, the project is very mature (it is the result of almost two years of on and off discussion and prototyping)  and well documented and is recommended for heavy usage in any Camunda Platform project! 🙂

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