camunda BPM 7.2.0-alpha3 released: CMMN, Scripting, Async, Correlation, Model Api, Forms

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Today we release camunda BPM 7.2.0-alpha3. Usually when we do a new alpha release, I write a Blogpost which gives an overview over the new features added in that release. But this time I cannot do that: there are simply too many new features to cover in a single blog post! So this time I will just give a bullet point list with the highlights and you guys will just have to wait for additional blogposts to come out in the next days.

So what is in the new Release?

  • CMMN support is greatly enhanced. (CMMN is the emerging OMG standard for Case Management). Documentation.
    • Support the basic case instance and plan item lifecycle,
    • support for stages, human tasks, case tasks and process tasks.
  • Scripting, everywhere:
    • Load script sources from classpath and deployment,
    • Auto-deployment of script sources,
    • Use scripts as sequence flow conditions, task listeners, execution listeners,
    • Greatly improved documentation.
  • Template Engines: you can now use FreeMarker and Apache Velocity as template engine as an alternative to a script engine. Template engines allow a more declarative approach to composing payload (XML, JSON, Email Templates etc…)
  • Javascript SDK and Forms: we started work on a reusable Javascript SDK which runs in Node.JS and the Browser. Providing
    • Convenient access to the REST Api Operations in Javascript,
    • Reusable Embedded Forms. Use Embedded Forms inside and outside of camunda Tasklist.
  • Enhanced Asynchronous Continuations
  • Enhanced Model API
    • Support for all event definitions and gateways
    • Support for writing BPMN DI
  • Enhanced Message Correlation: You can now correlate a message to all executions which match the correlation criteria. (Contribution by Michael Scholz
Over the last 4 Weeks, over 70 Issues were closed. See the complete release Notes in JIRA.

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