Feedback wanted: Camunda BPM and Business Rules

Have you ever used the business rules task in BPMN? Are your company’s business rules closely related to your processes? Many of our users will answer these questions with a ‘yes’. With the new DMN standard for decision management and business rules being close to the final release at OMG, the whole topic has recently been getting increased attention. The DMN (Decision Model and Notation) standard has been built in a way so that it can easily interact and integrate with BPMN. Camunda BPM is widely considered a great BPMN engine. We have recently added the CMMN standard for case management to this engine, which was a great success for our users. Now we are thinking about adding a solution for executing business rules based on DMN. We want to give you the chance to influence our decision, so that we build what you need most. This is why we are asking you to participate in our survey. It’s just 10 questions, won’t take longer than 10 minutes and doesn’t require any personal data. Please participate, even if you do not know DMN or if you do not care about business rules.
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Thanks for taking part and for helping us decide.

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