CamundaCon 2019 – Deutsche Telekom IT and conology: Monolith to Microservice, Waterfall to Agile – Success with Camunda

Deutsche Telekom IT and conologyDeutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, with some 178 million mobile customers, 28 million fixed-network lines, and 20 million broadband lines. Friedbert Samland, Project Manager at Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH; and Willm Tüting, General Manager at conology GmbH, give us a sneak preview into how they transformed this global telco leader from a monolithic BPEL application, into a microservices set up.

The interesting facts:

Q: How long have you been using Camunda?

A: We’ve been in development for approximately one year

Q: Do you use the Community or Enterprise Edition?

A: Enterprise Edition

Q: How do you use Camunda?

A: We use Camunda as an embedded BPMN engine with a microservice setup.

Q: Have you built interesting extensions / would you recommend plugins etc.?

A: We have developed our own professional Exception Handling model, which allows a flexible intervention outside Cockpit, with the possibility of the BPMN standard and the Engine API.

CamundaCon preview:

Q: What will you present?

A: The transformation of a monolithic BPEL application into a microservice setup, with Camunda as the Embedded BPMN Engine.

Q: What motivates you to share your use case?

A: The use of BPMN as a link between business and IT and the feasibility of modeling. Plus, the ease of integrating the Camunda Engine as a simple Java library into a complex Microservice MeshUp.
Within one year we took this project from an idea to a productive solution. To us this seems important and interesting for the Camunda Community.

Q: Are there any CamundaCon presentations/events you are looking forward to?

A: Yes! Two developer-focused workshops on the Camunda Workship:
Workshop 1: Bundle Your Beloved Camunda BPM Tools in a Production-Grade Uber-Jar
It’s all about people – Collaboration with Cawemo. The Journey from the ideas to production.

Don’t miss Friedbert and Willm’s presentation:
Monolith to Microservice, Waterfall to Agile – Success with Camunda, on September 13th on the Plenum track.


We will describe the transformation of a monolith application to a Microservice-based Camunda inherited architecture. Coming from a technical point of view, with BPEL we had to abstract to a business-oriented process flow using BPMN. Just changing a few letters? Far from it!
Setting the scene of the challenges of Telekom IT as a large IT company changing from an organizational implemented waterfall development process, into a software development company facilitating agile principles. Striving the raising complexity due to an agile transformation as well as the utilization of the Cloud and DevOps.

We will highlight the Pros and Cons and how to tackle the challenges of a big transformation initiative within the current teams. We will take a journey through several viewpoints where we show you challenges and advantages we met on our way so far.

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