Camunda CTO Lifts Curtain on Future of BPM Platform

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At the CamundaCon 2019 conference, Camunda CTO Daniel Meyer provided attendees with the first glimpse of a managed cloud instance of the company’s namesake business process management (BPM) platform.

Available in a private beta, Camunda Cloud is currently hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). However, Meyer told conference attendees Camunda intends to make Camunda Cloud available on multiple cloud computing platforms.

Camunda Cloud has at its core Zeebe, a workflow engine running on Kubernetes, that enables Camunda to deploy a multi-tenant BPM platform at scale coupled with a monitoring tool, dubbed Operate, that Camunda also developed.

“The motor in this cloud is Zeebe and Operate,” says Meyer.

Camunda Cloud represents the first time Camunda has created a fully managed service based on its open source BPM software. The goal is to make it possible for organizations to create their custom workflows without setting up a dedicated IT team to manage the IT infrastructure and Camunda application updates. That approach should enable organizations to focus more of their time and resources on building workflows and writing business logic versus worrying about IT management issues.

An instance of Camunda running in the cloud was not the only innovation Meyer promised. The Camunda CTO also told conference attendees that company is will continue its deep support for the Java ecosystem and looking at Jakarta EE, the open source follow-on to Java along with other Java technologies such as continuous investments Spring and Quarkus IO, says Meyer.

Additionally, support for a Standalone REST Service Distribution, tighter integration between Camunda Modeler and Cawemo collaboration tools, and support for heat maps within a more distributed implementation of Camunda Optimize that can be implemented on an end-to-end basis are all planned.

Beyond delivering these capabilities within the next year, Meyer was careful to not commit to any specific delivery dates. In the meantime, however, it’s apparent organizations committed to Camunda should start planning now for a series of rolling updates in the weeks and months ahead.

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