Zeebe and IoT: Node-RED

Patrick (Paddy) Dehn and Cornelius Suermann join me on the Camunda Nation podcast this week to talk about Zeebe, IoT, and workflow automation. Paddy is a developer working on Operate, the web-based UI for Zeebe workflow inspection and management, and Cornelius is the engineering director for Camunda Cloud. They are also both massive IoT nerds. Paddy is the author of the open-source Zeebe nodes for Node-RED.

Cornelius Suermann

We talk about their personal home automation projects, the Zeebe nodes for Node-RED, and some of the possibilities for massively scaled workflow automation in the cloud with Camunda Cloud, Zeebe, and IoT.

Check them out on GitHub:

Cornelius Suermann

Cornelius on GitHub

Patrick Dehn

Paddy on GitHub

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