Something Bold, Something New – introducing our freshly updated look!

You’ve probably noticed something different about us today, something bright, bold and yes, maybe it will turn some heads…

You know that at Camunda, we’re anything but boring. So today, we’re thrilled to introduce our updated logo and color palette with fresh, fun, new colors.


We’ve been proudly using our ‘Camunda Cogs’ logo for many years, but it’s time to shake things up with an updated logo and visual identity that better represents our company and offerings today.

Our new look is designed to be easily recognizable and showcase the energy we pour into innovating and marketing our products and be more engaging for our developer community.

But most importantly, it changes nothing behind the scenes at Camunda. We’re still the same group of passionate Camundos delivering the open source process automation software that is focused on the needs of developers, is highly scalable and allows business and IT to collaborate effectively.

Now, you’ll just be able to spot us more easily in brighter T-shirts!

Look out for our new swag, including holographic Camunda stickers for your laptop, at our dedicated Camunda events and wherever our fantastic developers are speaking:
Or if you can’t wait to get your hands on it – we’ll send some to you! Simply contact us:

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