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Babylon’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on Earth. As one of the biggest general medical practices in the UK, as well as one of the leading companies providing healthcare services worldwide, it leverages Camunda to deliver the right treatment to individual patients, ensuring clinical safety across a complex human workflow management ecosystem.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Babylon is one of the largest National Health Service (NHS) practices in the UK, processing tens of thousands of daily consultations with individual patients.

Each consultation triggers a complex, personalized workflow combining manual and automated tasks to ensure each patient receives the right treatment and doesn’t require further support.

But with personalized workflows for every single consultation, Babylon was confronted with a significant management challenge. On top of that, the safety of patients is a consistent consideration – losing track of a patient during a process can have a significant effect on their personal health.

How do you Map Clinical Processes?

Babylon’s clinical workflows team decided that BPM workflows allow for the closest representation of clinical processes:

  • Leveraging a workflow engine would allow them to focus on developing the workflows themselves, instead of building their own engine.
  • The visual language of BPMN requires little to no technical knowledge and allows non-technical stakeholders to visualise the end-to-end process.

Minimal Effort Implementation

Read the case study

Doogal Simpson, Technical Lead at Babylon joined us at CamundaCon Berlin 2019, explaining how Babylon leverages Camunda to keep track of thousands of patients in clinical pathways.

The first deliverable for Babylon’s clinical workflows team was designed around Camunda BPM from the very beginning, making the implementation effort minimal. Even integrating with services across the company was straightforward because the team was easily able to build an API around Camunda, or modify specific components. Additionally, the support for several Java frameworks meant adding Camunda to a blank project was as easy as adding a dependency and some configuration.

“We also found the public Camunda forum very active, where every question has an answer,” Luca Mozza, Software Engineer, Babylon Health said. “If we need to discuss something that is implementation-specific or we couldn’t find the answer in the forum, we could always get our answer with the Enterprise Jira support system.”

Ensuring Patient Safety

Patient safety is Babylon’s number one priority when designing processes — automating this human workflow management is one of the clearest advantages of using Camunda for workflow automation.

On top of that, Babylon ensures consistency of treatment across all patients, creating a seamless user experience which provides genuine value to patients and the business alike.

Interested in more?

Great! Check out our case study with the team from Babylon Health and if you’d like to deep dive into the technical implementation watch this great presentation from Babylon Health Software Engineer Luca Mozza at Camunda Day London.

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