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CamundaCon Live – Meet Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

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Ahead of CamundaCon Live – our free, virtual process automation conference, April 23-24 – we’re giving you a sneak peak at the great presentations you can expect from leading companies who’ll share their genuine Camunda use cases. And the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan’s solution is so interesting, they are presenting on two tracks – taking a broader overview in one and diving deep into custom tooling in the other.

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With $201.4 billion in net assets as of June 30, 2019, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan is the largest single-profession pension plan in Canada. An independent organization, it invests the pension fund’s assets and administers the pensions of 327,000 active and retired teachers in Ontario.

Fifteen years into its business automation journey and three workflow engines later, the OTPP is starting to benefit from efficiency in its delivery of workflows through automated unit and component testing, CI/CD pipelines, and operational monitoring and metrics. Its tech stack builds on the Camunda Enterprise platform and open source utilities to deliver end-to-end automation.

We spoke with Derek Hunter, Director, Solution Engineering – Member Services
and Uzma Khan, Senior Software Developer, Solution Engineering – Member Services, who’ll be presenting: Putting it all together: Process Automation, Automated Testing and CI/CD at CamundaCon Live.

How Long Have You Been Using Camunda?

We’ve been using Camunda for five years.

How Are You Using Camunda?

Camunda coordinates and automates the business flows for all our customer service requests and benefit delivery. Our flows also integrate with our core business applications extensively to give us fully automated batch processes with little or no manual intervention required.

Have You Built Any Interesting Extensions or Can You Recommend Any?

We have built an extension to the Camunda REST API using the bpmn-js library to produce an interactive Workflow Viewer – allowing us to seamlessly navigate through our flow logic and sub flows. More detail will be provided in our Developer track talk: Unlocking the Power of Custom Tooling Through Camunda Resources with Zain Esmail and Naveen Thaneswaran.

What’s Motivating You to Share Your Use Case?

We have just completed a migration of all of our flows from a previous workflow technology and have consolidated onto Camunda as our workflow platform. As a financial organization, the trust of our clients is paramount to us, so we put great efforts into testing, automation and validation. After achieving success with BPM migration and contributing to automated testing through CI/CD, we are at an exciting point in our journey poised to deliver value to our business.

Are There Any CamundaCon Presentations/Events That You’re Looking Forward To?

  • Driving Continuous Improvement using Process Metrics is something that we are now looking into with Camunda Optimize and other monitoring tooling to drive efficiency in our workflow processes.
  • Camunda Cloud – Process Automation as a Service Interested in learning what capabilities it can unlock for scaling workflow automation.
  • We’re also interested in learning about the journey other organizations have taken with Camunda and what we can expect in future now that we’re continuing to grow our business capabilities.

Don’t miss: Putting it all together: Process Automation, Automated Testing and CI/CD – Where Derek and Uzma will take you through their Camunda journey and describe their current technology stack that builds on the Camunda Enterprise platform and open source utilities to deliver end-to-end automation for the business.

Plus take a deeper dive with: Unlocking the Power of Custom Tooling Through Camunda Resources.
In this session, OTPP will share how they built a custom workflow visualization and dependency application leveraging Camunda resources to improve the experience for the BPMN development team. Our flows make considerable use of sub-flows, which can result in lost time checking out BPMN source to navigate between the flows and was opaque to non-technical users.

It was also challenging to differentiate which sub-processes were being reused in other processes. With the use of Camunda’s REST APIs and the bpmn-js library, OTPP designed a custom application called the Workflow Viewer. The Workflow Viewer provides a visual representation of the workflows to help navigate and analyze their 130+ business processes. It is now being used for a variety of purposes by developers, testers, and business analysts etc.

Save your seat at CamundaCon Live. Registration is completely free and you’ll get access to a suite of on-demand presentations after the conference. We look forward to connecting with you online.

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