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Getting Involved in Community Events This Summer

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Our awesome community is what makes us who we are. Passionate Camunda users like you organize events and activities around the world, and that’s something to celebrate!

With summer just around the corner, we’re excited to alert you to some great virtual events that are scheduled. We also want to share some recent events and what made them so special, and perhaps give you an idea for organizing an event of your own.

Learning virtually over lunch about Camunda

The Desjardins Group is a Canadian financial service cooperative and the largest federation of credit unions in North America. As one of our newest enterprise customers, they organized a “lunch & learn” on April 30. The event was a great success and approximately 140 technical Desjardins employees took part. Our consultant Ryan Foust presented “The Vision of Developer Friendly BPM”, followed by a live coding demonstration showing just how easy it is to model and automate critical business processes using the Camunda product suite, provided by our North American Head of Consulting Ragnar Nevries.

Meeting the wider Camunda community for a beer online

We have enthusiastic meetup organizers around the world who usually bring the local community together in person to meet each other, and hear about the latest insights and tech developments. Due to COVID-19, all in-person events have had to be cancelled for the time being but luckily our community adapted quickly.

On May 4, Ultimate Software kicked off the first virtual Camunda meetup. New Push presented their insightful Camunda use case, followed (again) by a talk by our consultant Ryan. In this presentation Ryan showcased the benefits of becoming an enterprise Camunda customer, followed by a demo of our new Optimize feature, “External Event Ingestion”.

Camunda Meetup South Florida

Other User Groups brought their meetups online during the past month, including Camunda User Groups from Southern Switzerland, Berlin and Brazil. One great aspect of these online events is that even more community folks have had the opportunity to join the fun. In fact, more than 220 people joined the Brazilian online meetup from all over Brazil.

Want to join one an upcoming virtual community event?

If you couldn’t join the last ones, don’t worry, more virtual events are in the pipeline:

  • June 18: Virtual Camunda Meetup Vienna, hosted by Peter Q. and Maximilian K.: this meetup will spotlight on zeebe.io and incident handling
  • June 25: Camunda User Group Switzerland, hosted by Daniel K, with Niall Deehan and Tassilo Weidner from Camunda joining as well
  • July 7: South Florida User Group, hosted by Michelle and Camunda

To learn more about the Camunda community, become a new member, track scheduled activities or organize your own virtual event, please visit: https://camunda.com/learn/community/

If you have any further questions or comments to share, please reach out to [email protected].

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