Hacktoberfest is a wrap! We’re so pleased that we were able to connect with so many of you from around the world.

We set out with a goal of increasing the amount of engagement we get in our GitHub repos and you all delivered! From fixing typos to diving head-long into big feature requests, it was inspiring to see the pull requests that came in. Here are a few of my favorite recaps from the month:

  • Two separate community members translated Tasklist into Hindi and Nepali. A third community member translated Admin, Cockpit, Tasklist and our Welcome Message into Brazilian Portuguese… with proper updates for the 7.14 release
  • Another community member closed a 2-year-old feature request for Camunda to support filtering by process variables when using the Java external task client
  • Sonar issues that were causing unexpected behaviors were fixed
  • Support was added for .bpmn2 files produced by jBPM 
  • Someone created message keys which add additional context for particular commands
  • REST API for TaskQuery.taskId() and .taskIdIn() now have documentation

By the Numbers

For those of you who are curious about the numbers, here are a few stats that you might enjoy.

  • More than 70 of you submitted pull requests.
  • For 56 of you, this was your first time interacting with us! 
  • We received 149 pull requests in total during October 2020.
  • This is an increase of 238% compared to September 2020.
  • Six Hacktoberfest pull requests were included in Zeebe’s 0.25.0 release

We hope you had a wonderful experience. We’d love to see you join us for future events, ask questions in the forum, or even continue to contribute valuable pull requests long after Hacktoberfest is done.