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Falko Menge, one of our Camunda Consultants, has released a performance benchmarking/tuning tool that he has been using for the past year with Camunda customers to tune Zeebe for their production workloads.

It is a spreadsheet template for creating and recording performance tests, and observing the effects of the various parameters on performance.

We did a live stream explaining how it works, which you can view here.

The spreadsheet itself is available here.

You can make a copy of the spreadsheet and use it for your own testing.

If you want to watch a longer explanation of the parameters, we did a more detailed stream on it a month ago, which you can watch here.

If you want to provide feedback or ask about the performance tuning spreadsheet, hit us up in the Zeebe Forum or in the Zeebe Slack.

Finally: Falko is doing the Camunda Question Corner on Thursday November 26th, 2020, talking about Performance and Scale. If you want to ask him questions, this is a great opportunity. Sign up for it here.

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