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Alongside our Camunda Platform Runtime 7.15.0 release, we’re excited to announce the following releases:

You can read all about the Camunda Platform Runtime 7.15.0 release in the dedicated blog post.

Camunda Platform Assert

Camunda Platform Assert (formerly Camunda BPM Assert) helps you assert the status of your BPMN processes when driving them forward in your typical unit test methods.

We have released two versions this time. Assert 10.0.0 is bound to Camunda Platform Runtime 7.15.0, while Assert 9.0.0 will be used by version 7.14.0 of the product.

We upgraded the version of AssertJ to 3.18.1, which is the current version used in Spring Boot 2.4.x and therefore also the latest Camunda Spring Boot Starter. You can read about version compatibility in our guide.

Assertion for Business Key

You can now assert if a given process instance has a specified business key. See the code below, or check it out in the Assert documentation.


External Task Client (for Java)

This project has moved

Big news for our Java External Task Client — from this release, the repository of this project was merged with the camunda-bpm-platform repository. It can now be found at

Failing with Variables

As mentioned in our 7.15.0-alpha3 blog post, it is now possible to pass variables when failing an External Task. 

This feature can be coupled with the <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="" target="_blank">camunda:errorEventDefinition</a> expression, as the passed variables will then be available in the expression and allow for much more fine-grained error handling (e.g. throw error A, if the errorDetails contain “myError”, but throw error B if they don’t).

Check out the Rest API endpoint documentation for more details.

The Java External Task Client ❤️ Spring Boot

Yes, you read that correctly! Camunda Platform Runtime 7.15.0 ships with an additional Spring Boot Starter. We present to you the Camunda External Task Client Spring Boot Starter (we call it the XTaC Starter to save time). You now get all the benefits of the External Task Client wrapped in a nice executable JAR, thanks to the magic of Spring Boot. 

We won’t divulge any more information here, as we already have a detailed post about it. There, you can find out more about this new Starter, as well as read a short guide to get you started.

You can also check out the code in our GitHub repository.

Register for the Webinar

If you’re not already registered, be sure to secure a spot at the release webinar. You can register for free here.

Your Feedback Matters!

With every release, we strive to improve the Camunda Platform, and we rely on your feedback! Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions with us.

You can contact us via the Camunda user forum.

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