A Compelling ROI Case for Camunda

The numbers are eye-catching, the anecdotal evidence compelling and convincing. 

When Forrester Consulting spoke to six longtime Camunda Platform users, they learned how they’re delivering process automation projects faster, driving organizational efficiency and better customer service with massive, multi-million dollar impact to the business. 

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Camunda and conducted by Forrester Consulting, here’s a primer on what you’ll learn. 

total economic impact study

The full study has detailed findings related to the cost, benefit, flexibility and risk factors of implementing Camunda Platform. Among the many reasons you’ll want to read more: 

1. The automation challenges described are relatable. There are pages upon pages of insights from Camunda enterprise customers, all of whom shared their challenges and priorities for their process automation projects. Their struggles will be familiar to you, and the lessons learned instructive. 

2. Migration strategies that fit any organization. The process automation leaders who were interviewed were working with various legacy and homegrown solutions; learn how they gradually introduced Camunda into their organizations and shortened their time to value. 

3. Figure your own Total Economic Impact. The study includes the foundational calculations that can help you estimate the return on investment that Camunda may deliver to your organization. 

Read on, or watch the webinar to hear insights and analysis from Forrester experts about what they found.

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