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Podcast: What Camunda Platform Architecture Are You?

The latest episode of the Camunda Nation podcast is live, and Niall Deehan, Camunda Developer Advocate, is taking us on a journey through the BPMN Diagram to find our ideal Camunda Platform architecture. 

To Java or not to Java? That is the question….along with several others.

In this episode: 

  • Explore the various features and benefits of different engine (centralized or embedded) and distribution (Camunda Run, Spring Boot or Tomcat) options
  • Learn what BPMN architecture best suits your preferences
  • Solve the mystery of the phantom Dominos orders
  • Find out what’s featured in the upcoming 7.16 release on Oct. 13
Process model for choosing your Camunda Platform Architecture
What Camunda Platform Architecture are you?

Which Camunda Platform architecture did you pick? Let us know on Twitter or share it with us on our website for a more private chat.

There’s more where this came from. For fun technical insight, you can find previous Camunda Nation podcast episodes on various channels including Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

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