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Our next cohort of Camunda Champions are about to begin. Take a look at our new recruits and learn how to join the program.
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It’s no secret that the Camunda community is integral to our success and we genuinely value each and every member. There are some community members who always go above and beyond to help others — sharing knowledge and expertise, and making our community an even more welcoming and inclusive space, to ensure everybody thrives.

At the beginning of this year, we launched the Camunda Champion Program to acknowledge, amplify and reward the work of our most vocal community members. Our vision for this program is to make interacting in our community a more valuable and meaningful experience for everyone. 

During the recruiting process, we received applications from amazing Camunda community members from all around the world. It was definitely not an easy decision to make. But today, we’re thrilled to introduce our second cohort of Camunda Champions. These are individuals who have demonstrated product expertise while actively supporting and contributing to developer communities. 

Meet Our Brand New Champions

Take a look at this page to learn more about all our Champions and hear what some of our brand new Champions have to say:

“Being a Camunda Champion means being recognized for something I’ve always tried to do, which is help others get started in this ecosystem.”

– Jean Robert Alves, Brazil

“As part of the Camunda community, I really feel valued to be approved by the Champions program and see this as another possibility to share experience when it comes to process automation.”

– Uwe Koch, Germany

“I feel motivated to achieve new levels of success in contributing to the community.”

– Hassan Ghanem, Saudi Arabia

We welcome you to join us in congratulating our Champions, as they begin their one-year terms while continuing their incredible work.

Camunda Champions hold their title for one year and enjoy benefits including:

  • An invitation to our exclusive Camunda Champion Summit 
  • Access to Camunda experts and fellow Champions
  • Exclusive Camunda badges and special swag
  • First-hand information about updates from the Camunda Universe
  • And more

Are You Next?

Interested in becoming a Camunda Champion yourself? Applications are open now and we want to hear from you! Apply by April 2022 to be eligible to join our next cohort of Champions in May 2022. The Camunda Champion program team will review all applications and will notify you by email whether you’ve been accepted.

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