Camunda Receives SOC 2 Type 1 Certification

Camunda has received a clean SOC 2 Type 1 attestation report. This is a rigorous, independent assessment of our internal security controls.
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Camunda is proud to announce that we’ve received a clean SOC 2 Type 1 attestation report. This rigorous, independent assessment of our internal security controls serves as validation of our dedication and adherence to the highest standards for security and availability.

This is an important milestone in our ongoing commitment to Information Security, Privacy and Compliance. We view these as the foundation upon which our products are built, and we strive to establish and maintain trust through transparency. This includes independent third party audits of our Security & Privacy program and controls.

What is SOC 2 Type 1 Certification?

Developed by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, SOC 2 is an extensive auditing procedure that ensures that a company is handling customer data securely and in a manner that protects the organization as well as the privacy of its customers. SOC 2 is designed for service providers like Camunda handling customer data in SaaS.

Conducted by Tevora, a specialized management consultancy focused on cybersecurity, risk, and compliance services, this attestation report affirms that Camunda’s information security practices, policies, procedures and operations meet the rigorous SOC 2 Trust Service Criteria. 

As more enterprises seek to leverage cloud-based services like Camunda Platform 8, it’s critical that they do so in a way that ensures their data will remain safe. Our customers carry this responsibility every single day, and it’s important that the vendors they choose to process their data in the cloud approach that responsibility in the same way.

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We welcome all customers and prospects who are interested in discussing our commitment to security, privacy and compliance to learn more or contact us directly through our Trust Center.

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