Join user experience research and share your feedback with us!

We invite you to join our research and share your feedback with us. We'll take care of scheduling a call with you and facilitating it. Thank you!
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Camunda strives to provide our end-users with the best experiences possible. To do this, we carefully consider both technical and design aspects while developing our products.

While our technical teams work on implementing new functionality, our design team is working to create an interface that matches how you use the product. This is quite a challenge by itself for multiple reasons. To name a few:

  • Maintaining UI consistent across multiple products and devices
  • Setting priorities within UI elements
  • Covering various use cases and edge cases

Working on design we question ourselves every day about the design decisions we make:

  • Will this feature add value to the users?
  • How well is this UI serving the needs of the users in their context?
  • How helpful are these warnings/notifications? Are they shown at the right moment of the user journey?
  • Is this new UI element aligned with our design system?

Multiple teams work hard to find the answers within the company, but often we need to search for the answers outside and speak directly to our end-users. We cannot know your context, needs, expectations, feelings better than you do.

That is why we are currently working on setting up a user experience research process. 

How User Experience Research Works

Remember last time when you were asked:

  • How do you feel about your experience?
  • How can I help you?
  • What is a better way to do this?
  • Is there anything that annoys you here?

Doing a user experience research project has a similar “vibe”: a researcher aims to gather feedback on the product, understand pain points in the user journey and map points of potential product improvements. All the input is used to help users feel better and more efficient, and to help the product to deliver a smooth experience with a friendly UI.

An ultimate goal of user experience research is to: 

  • Make sure users’ needs are met by the features that have business value
  • Find a balance between user value and business value
  • Help business to understand users needs and make sure they are met
  • Connect end-users feedback with the product road map

By the means of research we can go in two directions:

  • Explore topics (context, needs, motivations)  
  • Evaluate ideas  (concept, prototype, feature)

User Experience Exploration

Let’s say we want to launch new functionality and make sure it will meet users’ needs. To do so we need to understand users’ context, what information they need, what input, output, feedback from the system is required. This kind of insight can be gathered by running interviews and discussing expectations and needs.

User Experience Evaluation

Once we understand users’ context, needs and expectations we can proceed to the design phase. This is when UI designers get heavily involved: they create wireframes, interactions, prototypes. Design concepts, prototypes are then evaluated with the users as a researcher runs usability tests and feedback sessions. 

The idea is to get qualitative feedback on how a design looks, interacts and feels. Depending on the fidelity of the prototype various measures/metrics can be used during research sessions, such as time to complete the task, completion rate, number of deviations from the designed flows.

Join our user experience projects 

We’re excited about the insights we can get from the end users of Camunda , but we can only do so with your feedback. Wondering how you can participate and help shape the direction of our products and features (and get some free Camunda swag too)?

How to participate?

At the moment our research activities are as following:

  • Remote interview (45 minutes). We ask questions on a specific subject: it can be part of the UI or specific feature. By sharing his/her experience, participant provides us with insights that will help UI designer to work on usability and flows.
  • Online survey (5 minutes). A form with questions that allow us to reach a big group of users. 
  • Remote usability testing (45 minutes). In most cases an interactive prototype is tested by measuring how well it supports users in his common scenarios. We gather qualitative feedback and observe how participant interacts with the prototype. 

None of the formats require preparation from the participants’ side and we aim to provide participants with the most suitable time slot. 

Who can participate?

We are looking for two groups of people:

  • Users who interact with Camunda UI (version and subscription type do not matter)
  • Non-users who have knowledge of BPMN and relevant skills

Why should you join?

  • You will get nice Camunda swag as a reward for your time! Think of a set with a hoodie, a water bottle, a cup.
  • You will be heard. We will carefully listen to your feedback, process it and decide on the future steps. As our product teams aim for being “on the same page” with the users, your opinion is an important source of inspiration for us.
  • You can influence the future of Camunda products. Your input will help us to make decisions and choose a direction to go. 

We invite you to join our research and share your feedback with us. Our dedicated researcher will take care of scheduling a call with you and facilitating it. Leave your details here, and thank you!

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