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Camunda Alpha Release July 2024

We're excited to announce the July 2024 alpha release of Camunda. Check out what's new, including a new Code view, accessibility improvements, better OpenShift support, and more.
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We’re excited to share that the latest alpha release of Camunda is now live and available for download. For our SaaS customers who are up to date, you may have already noticed some of these features as we make them available for you automatically.

Below you’ll find a quick summary of everything new in Camunda for this month.

Web Modeler

The alpha includes the following new features for Web Modeler.

Process application bulk versioning

Previously, users had to create milestones for individual resources in a process application which can be cumbersome. This new feature allows users to create milestones for resources within a process application at once.

BPMN difference change list

With the BPMN difference change list, users can confidently review changes between milestones without trying to read XML. The milestones page for BPMN diagrams now includes a section showing the list of all changes made between the milestones selected for comparison.


The milestone’s page for BPMN and DMN diagrams now has two viewing modes for differences, Visual view and Code view.


The newly introduced Code view allows for the comparison of XMLs for the two milestones selected highlighting the differences.


Encrypted inter-component communication

Web Modeler now supports encrypted communication between its different components:

  • webapp to restapi
  • restapi to websockets

The necessary configuration steps can be found in the documentation.

We hope you enjoy everything in the latest Web Modeler 8.6.0-alpha3 release!

Desktop Modeler

There have been several updates to Desktop Modeler with this release including:

Accessibility improvements

This release enhances keyboard navigation and adds screen-reader-friendly labels along with better visual cues for the benefit of our users. This is in line with our efforts to achieve WCAG 2.1 compliance in your modeling tools.

Form component documentation

This release provides documentation links embedded into the properties panel. This gives you quick access to functions and configurations each form component supports.


Bug fixes

This release contains many smaller bug fixes, not all of which will make it to the blog post. You can find a complete list of changes here.

Check out the full release notes for this month’s Desktop Modeler 5.25.0 release right here.


We have several updates to our Connectors in this release.

REST Connector

In this release, we have fixed some bugs providing complete refactoring to our REST Connector. These fixes also enabled:

  • Proxy support (configurable using environment variables)
  • Cache the Cloud Function credentials (the authentication was done for each request before)
  • Forward null values to the process
  • Use a connection pool

Slack Connector

We have added the option to post a message to an existing thread for our Slack Connector so users do not clutter their channels with individual messages.

Webhook Connector

With this release, we support a failure strategy for the Webhook Connector. This enables users to select an appropriate strategy for failure:

  • Ignore and the Connector will return a 200 status code
  • ForwardtoUpstream and the Connector will return a 422 status code

SageMaker Connector

Previously, the SageMaker Connector did not parse the response.body before returning it to the Connector runtime. This leads to an escaped JSON that cannot be parsed inside the FEEL resultExpression. This release parses the response.body as JSON based on the response content type.

Check out the full release notes for this month’s Connectors 8.6.0-alpha3 release here.


With this alpha release, we have made improvements to auto-mapping. Automatic mapping of process activities in the mapping step in process instance migration mode. Activities with the same flow node ID in the source and target process will be mapped automatically to speed up creating the migration plan.

  • A new tag in the instance history shows the date of the latest completed migration for that process instance.
  • The dropdown used to select the target process has been replaced with a combo box that makes filtering much easier.
  • The instance migration helper model is now skippable.
  • A bug fix was applied that prevented the migration from triggering when the target process was pre-selected.
  • Various other smaller UX improvements

We hope you enjoy everything in the latest Operate 8.6.0-alpha3 release!


Several things are included with this alpha release of Zeebe including the following:

Faster multi-region failover/fallback

You can now enable and disable exporters at runtime reducing the RTO from 15-20 minutes to seconds when failure is detected with our supported dual region configuration.

Operation reference for user commands

With this release, users can supply a custom operation reference for certain commands that can be exported along with the results of the command.

Check out the full release notes for this month’s Zeebe 8.6.0-alpha3 release right here.


Starting from this alpha, we have split the releases for Optimize 7 (3.14.0-alpha3) and Optimize 8 (8.6.0-alpha3).

We hope you enjoy everything in the latest Optimize alpha release!


We have included several security fixes in this alpha release.



With this release, the following updates have been made for OpenShift support.

  • We have simplified the installation instructions for Camunda 8 Self-Managed in OpenShift clusters.
  • We have added support for OpenShift  version 4.15.
  • We have Improved route documentation with coverage of all components and their specificities.

Camunda Platform 7

You can find the latest release notes for Camunda Platform 7.22.0-alpha3 on our forums. Check them out here.

Thank you

We hope you enjoy the latest updates! For more, be sure to review the latest release notes as well. If you have any feedback or thoughts, please feel free to contact us or let us know on our forum.

If you don’t have an account, you can try out the latest version today with a free trial.

Start the discussion at forum.camunda.io

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