Deutsche Telekom

Using Camunda to route and manage orders for the Wholesale department

Deutsche Telekom has launched a new corporate strategy to become the leading European telecommunications provider. CEO Timotheus Höttges laid out the strategic vision: 'We are a trusted companion in an increasingly complex digital world – at home and at work, anyplace, anytime. Making life easier for people and enriching it for the long term is the very essence of what we do'.

The rationale: customers choose telecommunications providers with high-performance networks, particularly in light of the rapid growth in data volumes. A strong network is also the decisive factor for online service providers looking for a high-quality technical platform for their products that allows them to set up their own services quickly and easily. As a result, integrated telecommunications providers are generally in a better position than fixed-only or mobile-only providers.


Create BPMN process diagrams and DMN decision tables and turn our models -on the shortest path- in a fast and stable executable application. Is there a smarter way to improve our business processes?

-Jan Härtel, Head of Business Technology Development