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Supporting enterprise-wide business process automation initiatives with Camunda

North America

Key Benefits

  • High-throughput performance
  • Ability to support collaboration among IT and business users
  • Interoperability with a wide variety of development environments, including Java, Python, and Node.js
  • Unique, developer-friendly approach to process automation that is both scalable and standards-based

Camunda Products

  • Camunda
Atlassian Camunda Con

Video from CamundaCon 2021

Watch and learn how Atlassian is using Camunda for their Finance Back-office Billing Engine
Presenter: Daivish Shah, Technical Team Lead (Solution Architect) at Atlassian

How Atlassian is supporting enterprise-wide business process automation initiatives, spanning finance, commerce, marketing, customer support and more with the help of Camunda.

Atlassian is a global software company with more than 4,000 employees that makes software to help teams organize, discuss, and complete their work. Camunda software supports Atlassian’s enterprise-wide business process automation initiatives, spanning finance, commerce, marketing, customer support and more.

One initial project utilizes Camunda’s business process and decision automation capabilities to integrate a new SaaS-based accounting platform, helping centralize finance workflows and revenue recognition processes. Several additional projects are in the pipeline, including process automation for Salesforce lead management and routing customer support cases.

See why Atlassian adopted Camunda for Business Process Automation.

Our IT teams have been focused on streamlining the customer experiences ranging from buying to support across our product offerings. Using Camunda allows our teams to stay agile, while centralizing business processes and rules with improved end-to-end visibility. This transformation will eventually power our non-technical stakeholders to self-serve their needs as we iterate for optimization and scale. Teaming up with Camunda enables our IT teams to focus on shipping critical business processes with agility, visibility and efficiency.
Vinayak Varma, Intelligent Automation Senior Team Lead at Atlassian

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