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Automating private and public cloud services for the provision of IT infrastructure services


Key Benefits

  • High level of acceptance among all departments involved thanks to traceability and transparency using process modeling and automatic documentation of process flows.
  • Effort for troubleshooting within the orchestration could be significantly reduced.
  • Partial automation and short release cycles allow processes to be delivered to customers early and develop in an evolutionary manner.

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• Automation of cloud services for IT infrastructure services
• First productive use after just four weeks
• High level of acceptance due to transparent process flows

The Background

Generali Infrastructure Services S.c.a.r.l. provides innovative IT infrastructure services for companies of the international Generali Group. Core competencies are the development of customer-oriented solutions as well as stable and efficient operation of IT infrastructure services, i.e. servers, networks, telephone/call center, workplace environments, and mobile solutions.

The company employs around 1,000 people and belongs to Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. and in addition to the German branch has offices throughout Italy, France, Austria, Hungary and the Czechia.

Since 2013, Generali Deutschland has used Camunda to orchestrate, automate, and integrate private and public cloud services for the provision of IT infrastructure services. We conducted the following interview with Stefan Koch, Infrastructure Management at Generali Deutschland.

The Challenge

“In 2010, a monolithic cloud solution was introduced to provide IT services such as servers or platforms on demand. Integration with the existing IT service management system and non-automated services was difficult and required considerable adjustments to the cloud solution. Complex processes could only be mapped rudimentarily in a proprietary process control system. The organizational and technical integration was challenging in terms of operation and maintenance. For this reason, in late 2013 we decided to take an integrated approach to provide an integration platform with a focus on automation by means of business process management and a service-oriented architecture in the infrastructure services area.”

Why Camunda?

“Significantly, we wanted to utilize the company’s existing experience with JavaEE. Major investments were not possible within the framework of the project and so an open source alternative was needed. The solution had to have a lively community and an instantly usable and modern front-end to start processes and integrate manual tasks. The technical integration capabilities of any external services should not be limited by proprietary technologies, but actively support broad expandability. Furthermore, we wanted support for enterprise customers from the producer.”

The traceability and transparency provided by process modeling and automatic process documentation led to a high level of acceptance in all of the departments involved.
Stefan Koch, Infrastructure Management at Generali Deutschland

The Implementation

“The significant challenge was to migrate the results achieved in three years of project work with the monolithic cloud solution to a new environment within a few weeks. The aim was to replace the existing architecture with a lean, service-oriented architecture and to present previously missing escalations through manual tasks.

The aim was also to solve the problem of organizational integration and acceptance of the new platform, as a very large number of specialist units had to be integrated for the orchestration.”

The Impact

“Within four weeks, the first infrastructure services in Germany could be carried out via self-service on the new orchestration solution. At the same time, the license costs for the orchestration unit were reduced significantly.

The traceability and transparency provided by process modeling and automatic process documentation led to a high level of acceptance in all of the departments involved. The troubleshooting effort required within the orchestration was significantly reduced. The integration of manual tasks enabled automation within processes to be increased continuously, whereby the initial planning and implementation expenses were reduced. Partial automation and short release cycles mean processes can be delivered to customers early and developed in an evolutionary way.

The targeted approach serves as a blueprint for the international cloud platform to provide IT services throughout the GENERALI Group.

The constant expansion of the orchestration platform and the connected infrastructure services will increase the degree of automation in processes in projects beyond those targeted originally. The provision and reusability of services play a major role here.

The possibilities offered by the orchestration will also be used to integrate public cloud services into the company.”

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